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I'm goin' to Graceland!

So here I am, on Susan's computer at work, wasting her internet going to the same four sites over and over again, instead of actually paying attention to the only no customers I have right now. And much to my excitement, a man who slipped in just asked me what I was playing over the cd player! Oh man! He's like, "WHOISTHIS?! ILOVECAJUNMUSIC." Hahah It's not that Cajun, I assure you. I caught another woman singing to it too. Also, I was a little excited to see that the FedEx man was outside and he had a big shipment for someone. I love shipments, cause it gives me an excuse to do something while at the same time doing nothing at all. Unfortunately, it was for Radio Shack.. That teasing bastid.

See? This is how much of NOTHING I'm doing right now. And I pretty much love it.. (even though to some it may look like I'm complaining. I'm so not! I swear!) :) I know you're jealous!

The other day I wrote out a big long thing about 2005 with pictures and everything, and I'm only about halfway through it. I doubt that it will ever be finished, but it's the thought that counts, right? I think so.

Let's seeee.. What is there to write about in my life now? I've spent most of my vacation sleeping in past 1 (something that I'm not too fond of, but I can't help it anymore), eating, sitting at the computer, going out with the girls (in which we sit and talk for an extended period of time), and going out with Leonard (in which we go and sit down somewhere for an extended period of time). I love being lazy. It's.. the meaning of my life, if you will!
And then at the same time, it kind of bothers me, because then I remember that I'm actually really unhealthy. And then I go and eat some Reese's cups. It's problematic. I get some excercise when Charlie pulls me down the street at a fast clip, but that's about it. I need some help getting out of my rut. I'm serious too! I've lost so much of the energy that I used to have. Help meeeeee! Please?

Hey! So this was a pretty pointless post, eh? I'll be sure to update you on my exciting life in another couple of months. This one was just so you know that I'm still alive.

PS- Thank you Jess and Shib and Chris for coming and playing with me for like.. two and a half hours. You guys are awesome. ♥! I'll try and post some ridiculous pictures later.
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