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Ponder this!

Soooo, I pretty much just realized that the internet holds almost no entertainment for me aside from stalking people. This seems like such a bad thing! Sure.. there are the occational funny things to see, stupid websites and the like, but I never just go looking for them. And if I do, it's because I saw it through someone elses site. I'm.. such a recluse. Though I do talk to some people, I seem to be getting little to no human interaction with the people I know and love ASIDE from the internet. This must be changed, people! (Actually.. that's pretty much up to me to fix, as I am the designated commuter.. But you know what I mean!!)

What's wrong with our society today, if we all seem to resort to computers for communication? Though technology keeps us in contact with eachother, it seems to me that it's the wrong type of contact. I.. need humans!! (Hahahah How cannibalistic does THAT sound?!)

Anyways.. this was a pretty pointless post, as I am now going to go back to my Myspace and Facebook stalking. :P

ALSO. There's an unsettling hazard to searching Facebook in the big computer lab at school. I mean, what if the random person I'm looking at online is like.. right behind me!? And SEES me!! Oh the horror. I think I'd just keel over from humiliation....

And now I'm outtie! :)

EDIT: Because I know you're all so very interested in my location, I just moved from the red computer lab, to the purple MAC lab for my math class, literally feet away from eachother. I hate MACs. They fucking suck. ANDAND I can't even get AIM to work in here! And who the hell needs a course that teaches you about the finer aspects of EXCEL?! Ridiculous. Ugh.. Life is sooo difficult..
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