Christiny (chrizell) wrote,

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My day included, but was not limited to:

-Getting picked up by Leeeeeeooooonard
-Medford, and met Liz!
-Hampton Beach, NH
-Hedge walkways and huge houses
-Rocks and snow
-Long walks
-Sledding on ecologically protected dunes
-DRIVING on ecologically protected dune sidewalks
-Leaving NH
-Getting lost in Danvers
-Sneaking around Freaking out on the grounds of Danvers State Hospital
-Making new friends from Hudson, MA
-Sneaking around some more
-Chill security guard, sorta
-Women with no lives, sitting in a car
-Getting chased by a huge dog
-Driving back to Medford
-Watching Session 9
-Driving Liz home

I'll post some excellent pictures later. Maybe. :)
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