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Aww, I love this song.. Remember listening to this in New Hampshire James? I think it was on one of those WBCN Naked discs or something.

Anyways! I reaaaally don't feel like writing this crit for archeology tomorrow. I think it's rather silly. We're supposed to be critiquing two articles written by someone who is outside the archeology profession. I don't know how to do that! How am I supposed to offer criticism on something we haven't learned how to criticise yet? All I want is my grade for the test I took last week. I think I did alright. Hopefully.

So. Things have been quite lovely lately, I'd say. I'm getting losts of hours at work, which will mean an equally lovely paycheck. I think my boss might actually like me? I don't know, it's iffy. She's either being really nice to me, or she's being really condescending to me. She's so ridiculous. But at least Saturdays are a nice change, when she hardly ever comes in and Crystal and I can ignore everyone and be stupid. That's pretty chill.

I had a "quiz" today in my seminar class. His "quizzes" are never less than 5 pages long, but whatever. I do well on them anyways. I got out an hour early, so I got home at 10:45ish instead of the usual 11:45ish. Hahah You always hear about the sketchy people on the T at night, but if you ever saw them in the daytime you'd be more weary. They are CRAZY. They're really really funny, unless they sit next to you.. So yes, I got home early and Leonard and his friend Adam picked me up. We hit up Building 19 and made fun of it's nastiness. We bought some pies. And threw them at things. Always a good time. Then I was dropped off, and I watched the rest of my Grey's Anatomy dvd which I absolutely love. Ya'll should look into it.

Easter is coming! That means the Emergenza Festival, followed by Dredg and Kanye West! I'm so excited. And also, some guy is getting inaugurated at school so classes are getting cancelled on the 28th. Woo!

Okay, now I should probably stop stalling get to writin' this paper. I want to end with something witty here, but I got nothin'. :)
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