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Le sigh.

Fuck people who pay for toys under $20 with a $100 bill. I just opened! You're stealing all my 5's and 1's! Really now. It's so unreasonable.

I just needed to express my distaste for them all. Sorry about that.

Moving on! New Hampshire was an awesome time. We spent the mornings watching trashy talkshows and ridiculous gameshows, and the afternoons swimming in the pool. Then throw in some arcades, waterslides, minigolf, movies and restaurants. I totally owned in minigolf by the way. Can you say two holes in one? Cause I can. I didn't really take many pictures, so I have nothing to show. But that's okay! I remember, and it was good.

PS- I recommend the movie 37 Ninja Kids. It's an awesome movie. I mean, just look at this evil spinning top!
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Try having them buy a coffee for $1.89 and then paying with the $100.
I would kill them. That shit ain't right.